In John 10:10 Jesus says, “I came to bring them life, and far more life than before” (Phillips). Sadly many of us struggle through life and never experience “far more life”.

I believe God created each person to be similar but unique: a similar need for connection but unique experiences; similar emotions but unique passions; a similar quest for significance despite unique talents; similar desires for a safe place to share our unique perspectives. Recognizing what we share and what is ours alone enables us to experience far more life. Finding what pursuits bring us fulfillment leads us to our passion.

I want to inspire my sisters in Christ to find far more life as they pursue a relationship with God and discover the passion that He built into them. Writing this blog is helping me refine my passion and find far more life. I hope reading it and connecting with others will help you do the same.

Explore the site, add your thoughts in the comments, and join this journey of discovery.